Arto Penttinen

I was born in Finland but had my training in Classical Archaeology in Sweden at Stockholm University, where I defended a Ph.D thesis in 2001. In the meanwhile I participated in a number of excavations and other archaeological investigations in Greece, and published finds from Swedish excavations at Berbati and Asine in the Argolid. Between 2001 and 2006 I was the Assistant Director of the Swedish Institute at Athens.

I am Co-director of the Kalaureia Research Program and will as such mainly see to the economy of the program and to the execution of the archaeological fieldwork. I shall also study the sanctuary in its environment during the historical periods from the point-of-view of archaeology. In this my aim is not so much to study the archaeological material as such but rather to see how it can be used to create a historical narrative, which is not supported by a great amount of written evidence.