Emanuel Savini

I am an archaeologist specialising in GIS and Archaeoinformatics. I studied Classical Archaeology at Stockholm University where I graduated in 1994. My studies includes, besides Classical archaeology, ancient Greek, Latin, marine archaeology, mathematics, computer science and GIS. I have participated in several archaeological projects in Italy and Greece: the excavations at ancient Messene in 1994, in the Sanctuary of Poseidon on Kalaureia, at Pyrgouthi in the Berbati Valley and on Hagios Elias at Asea in 1997, in the imperial gardens of the villa of Livia at Prima Porta in 1998, in the intensive surface survey at the Mastos Hill in the Berbati Valley in 1999, in the joint Nordic investigation of the Roman Imperial villa by Lake Nemi, Italy, in 2001 and 2002 and in the Swedish Pompeii Project from 2001 to 2006, mostly working with surveying, digital mapping and 3D-modelling employing digital survey technologies (total station, GPS, photogrammetry).

Since 2003 I am a member of the Kalaureia Excavation Project responsible for the digital documentation of the fieldwork and research on the cultural and natural landscape of ancient Kalaureia.

My role in the Kalaureia Research Program is the co-ordination of the digital documentation of the excavations and the organisation of the data archive in a geographical database. Furthermore, as the cartographer of the program my work includes gathering, digitalizing and managing of all the information of the landscape in a GIS environment.