Petros Lymberakis

In the Kalaureia project my contribution concerns the study of the microfaunal remains from the excavations along with my colleague Giorgos Iliopoulos.
I graduated from the Biology Department of the University of Athens in 1989. I received my PhD on the altitudinal zonation of the macro-pedofauna on the Lefka Ori mountains of Crete from the same university in 2003.

I am currently working at the Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC) of the University of Crete as the curator of the Vertebrates collections.

My research area of interest is on issues of Ecology, Island Biogeography, Evolution and Systematics of small vertebrates of the eastern Mediterranean area. In other words I am interested in all things related to small animals, especially those living on islands.

I have published several articles in relevant scientific journals as well as numerous popular articles in the local and national press for general audiences. As a researcher in the Natural History Museum of Crete I am involved in various educational activities, from preparing Natural History exhibits (dioramas, posters, and other) for the Museum halls, lectures for various audiences, to supervising graduate and postgraduate students in their research projects.

Along with my research and educational activities I am energetically involved in issues of management and conservation of protected areas, species and biodiversity in Greece.