Sven Isaksson

I am Associate Professor/Reader in Archaeological Science, the Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University, Sweden.

My primary research interest is on prehistoric cultures of food and subsistence. Analytically I am working within the field of biomolecular archaeology, more specifically with the chemical characterisation of organic residues found adhering onto and adsorbed into ceramic vessels and anthropogenic soils. In this work I advocate an integrated approach, including “traditional” archaeological evidence, the application of several analytical techniques, contextual considerations both for the selection of sampling strategies and analyses, and for the interpretations of data. Since my dissertation in 2000 I have been the leader of two research projects; Tracing Ancient Vegetable Food, with funds from the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, and By House and Hearth, financed by the Swedish Research Council. Between 2002 and 2007 I have had a junior research fellowship (Swe. forskarassistenttjänst) at the Archaeological Research Laboratory, also financed by the Swedish Research Council. From this year (2007) and for the next three years I will lead the project A Spartan way of life? On the culture of food in Bronze Age Sweden, again funded by the Swedish Research Council. From 2007 I am also engaged in the project Cultaptation – “Dynamics and adaptation in human cumulative culture”, financed by the European Commission through the Sixth Framework Programme.