Anne Hooton


Various specialists like myself are invited to work on excavations for short periods during the year. I began my professional life as an artist drawing and painting and as an architect working in Sydney, Australia. Over a period spanning 20 years I received various grants and commissions to work in the field of Archaeological Illustration and have worked on many important sites throughout Greece and Italy. My work has been extensively published. In 2001 I was appointed the Archaeological Illustrator at the Agora Excavations for the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. My professional background in architecture, fine art and graphic arts, have enabled me to develop an aesthetic signature that has made my work distinctive whilst producing accurate scientific drawings of the highest publishable standard.

As a member of the team I am required to draw architectural remains on site during the period of the excavation and later in the year, during the study season, draw finds from the excavation. During the study season I work closely with various specialists of the project in the Archaeological Museum of Poros. These specialists require illustrations for their research in preparation for publication, primarily pottery covering all periods, sculpture ceramic and metal, various metal and glass artifacts, organic remains including animal bones, architectural terracotta and roof tiles.