Tatiana Theodoropoulou

I am a zooarchaeologist working on aquatic faunal remains (fishbones, shellfish) from Greek excavations. My main research interests include the reconstruction of past environments, human strategies related to aquatic environments, ancient dietary practices, as well as ethnoarchaeological and experimental issues involving fish and fishers.
I studied archaeology at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens (1995–2000 BA, Archaeology and History of Art) and environmental-prehistoric archaeology at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (2000–2001 MA “Environnement et Archéologie”, MA thesis entitled La malacofaune du site géométrique de Skala Oropou, Grèce: approche systématique, ressources alimentaires et objets sociaux; 2002–2007 PhD “Archéologie/Archéozoologie”, PhD dissertation entitled L’exploitation des faunes aquatiques en Mer Egée du Néolithique à l’Age du Bronze).
During my MA and PhD, I worked at the Laboratoire d’Invertébrés Marins et Malacologie (Μuséum National D’Histoire Naturelle, France) and at the Laboratoire d’Archéozoologie (CEPAM–CNRS, France).
 Besides the study of molluscan remains from the Kalaureia sanctuary, I have undertaken the study of aquatic faunal remains from several other Greek sites, some of which are in progress, and have been sometimes involved in the coordination of environmental teams: Aliakmon valley prehistoric sites (Megalo Nisi Galanis-Aiani-Pontokomi-Xirolimni), Archontiko (Yannitsa), Ayios Konstantinos (Methana), Dikili Tash (Drama), Dimitra (Serres), Dispilio (Kastoria), Drakaina cave (Kefallonia), ancient town of Eretria (Euboea), Kephala Petras (Crete), Koukonisi (Limnos), Kryoneri (Serres), ancient town of Kythnos (Kythnos), Lefkandi-Xiropolis (Euboea), Limenaria-Ayios Ioannis (Thasos), Malia (Crete), Mikro Vouni (Samothrace), Promachon-Topolnitsa (Serres), Skala Oropou (Attica), Sidari (Corfu), Toumba of Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki), Xombourgo (Tinos), Yannitsa B (Yannitsa).
 I have also participated in a number of field projects: Dikili Tash (Drama), Eleusis (Attica), Sarakinos cave (Beotia), Koukonisi (Lemnos), Skala Oropou (Attica).