Michael Lindblom

I am an Aegean prehistorian specialising in the Mainland Bronze Age. Currently, I hold a position as a Research Fellow at Uppsala University, financed by the Swedish Research Council.

I have participated in various projects in Greece since the early 1990s (e.g. the Athenian Agora, Berbati, Kalaureia, Kolonna and Lerna). My dissertation, published in 2001, deals with the Aeginetan system of marking vessels (so-called potters' marks) during the Middle and Late Helladic periods. At the moment, I am publishing the Late Helladic I-II architecture and pottery of Lerna VI and the Middle Helladic pottery from the recent excavations at Kolonna.

In the Kalaureia project, I will publish the Bronze Age finds from the excavations and contextualize Kalaureia in the surrounding seascape. Situated in a coastal region, the island and nearby Mainland offers a good opportunity to study how different traditions and ideas intersected during the Middle and Late Bronze Age.