Jenny Wallensten

I was awarded my PhD from Lund University in 2004, having presented a thesis discussing the evidence for Aphrodite as a protectress of magistrates (ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗΙ ΑΝΕΘΗΚΕΝ ΑΡΞΑΣ. A study of dedications to Aphrodite from Greek magistrates, diss. Lund University 2003). I am currently employed by the Swedish Institute at Athens, where I work as Assistant Director.

My research focuses on Greek religion and mythology. Within this field I work mostly with epigraphic sources and specialize in dedicatory habits and communication with the gods. I am currently conducting studies in the use of epithets and the development of dedicatory language in the Hellenistic period. Within the Kalaureia project I study the pantheon visible in the Poseidon sanctuary including the possible cult of Demosthenes. I am furthermore interested in the image of antiquity as found in popular culture, especially film and literature.