Dimitra Mylona

I am a zooarchaeologist. My archaeological explorations begin with the animal bones that are found in excavations. Starting from them I try to gain glimpses into several aspects of the life of past communities which involve the animals. The nature of the ancient physical environment, activities such as animal husbandry, hunting and fishing, the use of animals as food and their involvement in the social and ideological life of people in the past are some of the areas explored through my specialization.

I have studied in Greece and England and I have worked on several excavations all over Greece. The animal remains I have studied date from the Mesolithic to the Byzantine era and are mostly of two kinds, mammal bones and fish remains. My collaboration with the Swedish Institute goes back to the excavations at Pyrgouthi in the Berbati Valley. I have also studied bone material from Asine.

My role in the Kalaureia Research Project is three-fold. I co-ordinate the archaeo-environmental program, I analyze the mammal and fish remains and I study, in collaboration with other researchers in the team, the nature and the role of food and eating in the context of the Poseidon sanctuary over time. I also attempt to explore the relation of fishermen and fishing communities to the cult of Poseidon.