Monica Nilsson

   In the Kalaureia Research Program I have undertaken to study the stone tools.
I studied at Gothenburg University and received my PhD in 2005. I’m a prehistorian with the firm belief that the EH II period/culture is the most enigmatic and fascinating field of research in European archaeology. There are, however, many other topics of interest and I have therefore been involved in projects excavating settlements dating from the Bronze Age to the Roman era. For many years I have worked at the LH III citadel of Midea and at Pompeii where, by a stroke of luck, I was to encounter EBA (Palma Campania culture) levels below the historical town.
Actually, wherever I go I see Bronze Age finds! This ability may be useful for the field survey at Makrakomi that I have recently become engaged in.

From 2011 I work as Assistant Director at the Swedish Institute at Athens.