Alexandra Alexandridou

    I studied archaeology at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Athens (1998-2002). After the completion of BA studies, I followed postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford, where I received my master degree (MSt). In 2008, I completed my DPhil thesis on archaic black-figured Attic pottery as a grandee of the Greek States Foundation of Scholarships (I.K.Y) at the same university. My dissertation was published in 2011 by Brill with the title: The Early Black-Figured Pottery of Attika in Context (c. 630-570 BCE).
    During my studies, but also currently I participate in a number of excavations in Greece. My research interests mostly focus on ancient Greek pottery, in particular of the early archaic era, while after the completion of my studies I have undertook the study and publication of Geometric material too (Academy of Plato). 
    As can be seen from the title of my book, but also my wider research I have adopted a contextual approach of pottery. Therefore when studying vases, I am focusing on their context, aiming at extracting conclusions concerning the function and importance of the vessels in ancient society and elaborating on its social implications especially for the early periods, for which ancient sources are not illuminating. Having as a starting point, the excavated vessels, I attempted to reexamine the burial customs of seventh-century Attika focusing on the offering trenches especially of the Attic countryside.